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SUP Inflatables Guide To What To Wear Paddle Boarding?

What to wear on your paddle board when it’s COLD? 

When paddleboarding there are quite a few choices from Wetsuits, Neoprene layers all the way up to Dry Suits.

If you are SUP surfing or feel you might be falling in a bit into cold water, the SUP inflatable team would suggest a wetsuit. However if you are flat water leisure paddling or touring, then this is where we would look at things differently as hopefully you will be out of the water for all of your trip. So this is where choosing what to wear can be a bit more tricky as wetsuits were designed for ‘in water’ watersports and not designed to be ‘on top’ of the water. This therefore can cause paddle boarders to get over hot, sweaty or just feel uncomfortable.

SURF / Falling in 

5mm Full Wetsuit with 7mm Boots (if your a proficient surfer the you may like a 4mm Wetsuit and thinner boots)

FLAT WATER / Leisure - Touring

At SUP Inflatables we approach this with the mindset of someone cycling, running or even going for a walk on a cold winter’s day when the suns out —- Layers are your friends which can be taken on or off as your journey unfolds. Keep your layers and maybe an insulated drinks bottle with tea or coffee  stored on your board in a dry bag. 

So where to begin - 

Or for piece of mind and to keep warm and DRY

    • Drysuit with layers underneath, anything from a tracksuit to performance underlayers as described above.

What to wear on your paddle board when it’s WARMER? 

The UK weather does often mean there is that cheeky cold wind which can mean a few more layers are needed. So this is where some paddleboarders may end up in a shorty wetsuit to keep the chill off but we would recommend layering up as the best way forward as it is easier to keep the right temperature. People really enjoying paddle boarding when it’s warm and really hot, a Bikini, Quick Dry T-Shirt and Boardies will be perfect. But for everything else we have the following advice

SURF / Falling in 

Depending on the water temperature a 3mm full Wetsuit all the way down to a pair of shorts can be great SUP wear, but boardie weather can be rare in the UK :) 

FLAT WATER / Leisure - Touring

At SUP Inflatables we approach this very similar to the cold advice above with the mindset of someone cycling, running or even going for a walk. Layers again are your friend which can be taken off or added to as your journey unfolds. Backup layers can be stored on your board in a dry bag and and an insulated drinks bottle with water tucked under your cargo net or hydration backpack allows for enjoying the water longer.

So where to begin - 

SUP Inflatables say ' ALWAYS WEAR A LEASH and a PFD or Bouyancy aid '