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  1. Restube Review

    Restube Review

    Why Do I Need a Restube?


    The Restube is an innovative personal floatation device (pfd) that is very well suited to paddleboarding. But before we get in to the details about the Restube, why should paddleboarders wear a pfd? When having a SUP lesson or borrowing a board from a SUP rental center it is commonplace to wear a buoyancy aid. In our experience however, as soon as people by their own SUP they tend to not bother wearing a buoyancy aid, after all, the paddleboard itself is plenty buoyant enough, no? No!

    The safety concern is getting separated from your paddleboard in open water. Paddlers should always wear a SUP leash to attach themselves to the board, however this should not be relied upon as the sole piece of safety equipment as there is always a possibility that this could be ineffective, for example the leash snapping or leash attachment point failing.

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  2. Welcome to the SUP Inflatables Blog!

    Welcome to the SUP Inflatables Blog!

    Welcome to the new SUP Inflatables Blog!

    Expanding on our Info Zone, this blog area is a place where you will be able to read about the latest kit, special offers and news from the paddleboard world. It's freezing outside, so if it's a bit fresh for you to take to the water at the moment then grab a cuppa and read about what you can expect from the SUP Inflatables Blog over the coming months.



    Our team are SUP-mad, and love nothing more than getting out on the water and testing out the latest equipment that graces our shelves. We'll be reviewing the latest range of iSUPs form the big brands such as Red Paddle Co, Fanatic, RRD, Naish and more. SUP wear, SUP paddles and accessories will also be tested.  You'll get the low-down from real paddlers, helping you to make an informed decision about which equipment is best for you.

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