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  1. Red Paddle Co 11'3 Sport Review

    Red Paddle Co 11'3 Sport Review

    Red Paddle Co introduced the Sport range of inflatable SUPs to fill a gap.  Allround SUPs are stable and easy but not that fast.  Race SUPs are super fast but pretty wobbly.  Touring SUPs glide well but are not so manoeuvrable.  So what about those who want it all; something that glides well, is stable and manoeuvrable.  This is where the Sport comes in.

    A common misconception with the Red Paddle Co Sport range seems to be created by their name; being described as the 'sports car' of paddleboards. If they're Sporty they must be only for advanced paddlers right?  No!  In fact, the Sport SUPs are found in the 'Touring' section. These are go-anywhere inflatable SUPs that we find offer plenty of stability for all but the largest of riders. Compared with the all-round boards the Sports have a sleeker shape with a drawn-out nose section to allow them to cut through the water more cleanly and offer greater glide with each paddle stroke. This makes them faster than the all-round boards so they can cover some distance, great for getting adventurous.

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  2. Why we sell so many Fanatic SUPs

    Why we sell so many Fanatic SUPs

    We are the UK's best stocked Fanatic store, keeping their full range of allround and touring inflatable SUPs in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.  Fanatic are one of our best selling brands, but why?  Read on for a low down of the Fanatic inflatable SUP range, why we think they're great, and why they're some of our best selling boards.

    *** UPDATE March 2019 ***
    Fanatic have now Rolled back the price of the boards below to 2016 prices, mean that the 10'6 Pure below priced at £599 is now £469 - this price drop is on all Pure, Fly Air, Fly Air Premium, Ray Air and Ray Air Premium boards - FANATIC ROLL BACK PRICE DROP - Click for all > Fanatic Boards


    At SUP Inflatables we only stock quality inflatable SUPs made by experienced manufacturers who can produce rigid and durable inflatables. Whilst super cheap boards may appear on Ebay, there is no value for money in a board that bends like a banana!  The cheap unbranded boards use poorer materials and less precise gluing of the seams which allows the board to become twisted or mis-shapen. Fanatic are one of the world's leading windsurf and SUP manufacturers, making quality products that perform well and last; at the best possible price.

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