1. Red Paddle Co 2021

    What’s New for Red Paddle Co - 2021

    Red Paddle Co has had the biggest update on boards SUPinflatables has seen, Below you will find our ‘What to expect’ from each new range from Red Paddle Co 2021

    Red Paddle Co 2021 Range

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  2. SUP Inflatables at Southampton Boat show 2019

    SUP Inflatables at Southampton Boat show 2019

    SUP Inflatables is excited to be at the Southampton Boatshow 2019, Our SUP boards prices start from £369, offering  brands including Red Paddle Co, Gladiator, Fanatic, Naish, Starboard and Anomy.

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  3. What To Wear Paddle Boarding in 2019

    What to wear paddlebording

    What To Wear Paddle Boarding in 2019

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  4. Red Paddle Co Compact SUP

    Red Paddle Co Compact SUP

    Red Paddle Co Compact SUP

    We are very excited to introduce the revolutionary Red Paddle Co Compact SUP, a brand new model for 2019.

    What's it all about?

    Every now and then there is a big leap forward in inflatable SUP technology, and this is one of those leaps. A brand new construction that's being introduced by Red Paddle Co allows this 9'6 x 32" inflatable paddleboard to pack down to half the size as a conventional inflatable SUP. If you're looking for the ultimate SUP for travel, this is it.

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  5. SUP Inflatables at Southampton Boat show 2018

    The Boat Show

    SUP Inflatables at Southampton Boat show 2018

    SUP Inflatables is very excited to announce that we will be at Southampton Boat Show 2018! This year will be bigger and better than ever; not only will we be representing Red Paddle Co for the 5th Year running at the Southampton BoatShow but we are also very proud and excited to announce we will be representing Anomy, Gladiator, Starboard, Fanatic, O’Neill, Naish and The F-Cup.

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  6. How to straighten your molded SUP fin

    SUP Fin Straightening

    SUP Fin Straightening

    If you have molded plastic fins on your inflatable paddleboard, there may be a time that you need to straighten them, for example after storing your board for a long while. This handy video by Red Paddle Co shows ow you can easily straighten out your fins.

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  7. Where to Paddleboard

    Where to Paddleboard


    At SUP Inflatables, we are lucky enough to be based a stones throw from Poole Harbour, which must be one of the best places to paddleboard in the UK. The famous Sandbanks peninsula has the safe and shallow waters of the harbour on one side and the open sea on the other. Wonderful islands are ready to be explored and the Wareham river that flows into the harbour is a great SUP spot.

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  8. N1SCO Swanage

    n1sco Swanage


    On Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June the Naish N1SCO European Championships are coming to Swanage, Dorset. The weekend is set to be great fun, with loads going on for competitors and spectators alike. As the event is just around the corner from SUP Inflatables HQ, we're getting involved by offering 10% Off Naish N1SCO SUPs, valid only until Monday 11th June. This is a great opportunity to save £105.90 off this fantastic inflatable SUP, which is the perfect shape for touring and or course paddling in the Naish race series. Read on for more info on the event and the Naish N1SCO SUP, or click here to buy your board!

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  9. Why we sell so many Fanatic SUPs

    Why we sell so many Fanatic SUPs

    We are the UK's best stocked Fanatic store, keeping their full range of allround and touring inflatable SUPs in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.  Fanatic are one of our best selling brands, but why?  Read on for a low down of the Fanatic inflatable SUP range, why we think they're great, and why they're some of our best selling boards.

    *** UPDATE March 2019 ***
    Fanatic have now Rolled back the price of the boards below to 2016 prices, mean that the 10'6 Pure below priced at £599 is now £469 - this price drop is on all Pure, Fly Air, Fly Air Premium, Ray Air and Ray Air Premium boards - FANATIC ROLL BACK PRICE DROP - Click for all > Fanatic Boards


    At SUP Inflatables we only stock quality inflatable SUPs made by experienced manufacturers who can produce rigid and durable inflatables. Whilst super cheap boards may appear on Ebay, there is no value for money in a board that bends like a banana!  The cheap unbranded boards use poorer materials and less precise gluing of the seams which allows the board to become twisted or mis-shapen. Fanatic are one of the world's leading windsurf and SUP manufacturers, making quality products that perform well and last; at the best possible price.

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  10. Welcome to the SUP Inflatables Blog!

    Welcome to the SUP Inflatables Blog!

    Welcome to the new SUP Inflatables Blog!

    Expanding on our Info Zone, this blog area is a place where you will be able to read about the latest kit, special offers and news from the paddleboard world. It's freezing outside, so if it's a bit fresh for you to take to the water at the moment then grab a cuppa and read about what you can expect from the SUP Inflatables Blog over the coming months.



    Our team are SUP-mad, and love nothing more than getting out on the water and testing out the latest equipment that graces our shelves. We'll be reviewing the latest range of iSUPs form the big brands such as Red Paddle Co, Fanatic, RRD, Naish and more. SUP wear, SUP paddles and accessories will also be tested.  You'll get the low-down from real paddlers, helping you to make an informed decision about which equipment is best for you.

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