What’s New for Red Paddle Co - 2021

Red Paddle Co has had the biggest update on boards SUPinflatables has seen, Below you will find our ‘What to expect’ from each new range from Red Paddle Co 2021

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Red Paddle Co Ride 2021

Starting with the fins, Red has moved from a 3 fin system to a 2 fin system. This has been a progression from customer feedback on the Red Compact and I must say! ‘We love this new change for a few reasons’. Firstly it differentiates Red away from the ‘copycat’ cheap brands. The Red 2 fin system is still glued on, the fins are slightly longer, allowing for higher tracking capability but keeping the ‘easy - unroll and go, indestructibility’  that’s synonyms with the Red Ride range

Moving on to the cargo elastic at the front of the red paddle co ride range, again a move to differentiate the Red brand away from other inflatable sups, Red has designed a rather snazzy and good looking cargo belt that runs widthways across the board to allow water bottles and drybag to be easily stored on the front of the Ride range of boards.

For the final touch to the Red Ride range. - The range has gone through a design overhaul with the sleek design of the red boards getting even sleeker. For 2021 Red has given all their boards a hardboard feel, bringing the deck pad closer to the edges of the rail, losing the graphic instructions around the valve and incorporating the valve into the deck pad. This design move has kept the board visually current and modern and will give the Red Paddle CO brand lovers the desire to upgrade their boards and new buyers the exclusive feel that they are getting something truly different from Red 2021.

Red Paddle Co Sport 2021

The Red Paddle Co Sport 2021 range of boards have gone through a similar makeover to the Ride range, The Sport Range has gone through a ‘hardboard look’ makeover with deck pad that now reaches further around the side of the board and valve that’s embedded within the deck pad at the back of the board to make the valve less visible. The cargo elastic is now cargo straps that look similar to a belt, The fin is now a Red branded fin with the fin box in blue (or purple for the special edition). The other big but subtle changes are the water release rail on the back of the board and the RSS stiffening battens that are now made of recycled material with the side rail pocket being enlarged for easier fitting.

Red Paddle Co Voyager 2021

You will find the biggest leap in technology in the Voyager 2021 models with a revolutionary advanced drop stitch design that curves the front hull of the boards to create a glide that will revolutionise the inflatable touring paddleboard experience giving Red Paddle Co the pioneering edge on Inflatable board design yet again.

The Voyager has also been given two fins at the back of the board (instead of the 1 fin design you see on all touring boards), this, possibly obvious when it’s done, revelation has been designed to allow the board to be filled with kit and not fall over when packing or leaving boards on the bank when having a well-earned rest.

As with all the Red range for 2021 The Voyager has gone through a hardboard look makeover and  the RSS stiffening battens have also been designed in Eco-friendly recycled materials with the pockets enlarged,

The Rest Of The Red Paddle Co Kit For 2021

The Titan Pump has revolutionised inflating your paddleboard with a 2 cylinder double action pump allowing pumping to happen on just the down motion, rather than the more fatiguing up and down motion. For 2021 The Titan receives a pretty amazing makeover, Still keeping the all-important double cylinder, Red has redesigned the pump to be sleeker, allowing the pump to be more easily rolled inside the board when not in use. The Handle Bar is now separate and clicks into place quickly, the cylinder has been turned round to allow it stand without falling over and the feet fold for easier storage, the hose now is double bayonet fitting and clicks into the cylinder rather than the handle making it easier than ever to inflate your board… This may be just a paddleboard pump but yet again Red has made the best pump in the world allowing the whole package to be uncompromisingly perfect.

The Red Paddle Co leash 2021
Some subtle changes on the Red Paddle Co leash for 2021 - The coiled leash is now black rather than clear, with ‘Snag-free’ velcro which means it won’t catch on other kit and won’t go fluffy, its often about subtle perfection with Red and this subtle thought of no compromised perfection through to the leash really shows Red uncompromising approach to offering the best.

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