Why Inflatable SUPs

If you're thinking of getting a paddle board then an Inflatable SUP is a great way to go. Developments in design and technology of the latest generation of Inflatable paddle boards mean that ISUPs now offer a level of performance which can seriously compete with hard boards. Paddle boarding is the fastest growing watersport in the UK and this is largely due to the ease of use and practicality offered by inflatable SUP boards. Read on for the low-down on the benefits of Inflatable SUPs.


The holy grail of inflatable SUP design and manufacture is to build a paddle board that offers performance that is comparable to that of a hard board, creating a truly authentic paddling experience.

Through a tireless pursuit of the big brands to out-do each other technology has come on leaps and bounds in today's inflatable SUPs. It's all about making paddle boards stiff. A stiff SUP does not flex as you stand on it and paddle, meaning the maximum amount of energy is transferred into forwards motion. The latest constructions enable iSUPs to be inflated to over 20psi and create a very rigid platform.

Bargain-basement iSUPs that you may find on eBay or in beach shops can be very cheap, but they aren't built with the same high standards and dropstitch as boards from the premium brands. These cheap paddle boards can bend like a banana and twist and warp in the sun. A good length for most people wanting an all round board shape is 10’4 too 10’6 long, and the board should be 4.7 thick in this all round range shape, (NOT 4 or 6 inches) Some key brands that match this high quality and give you a great SUP board are - Red paddle Co, Fanatic, Starboard, Anomy, Gladiator and Naish. SUP Boards start from £399 for premium non branded quality in this 4.7 thick premium quality build.

Inflatable SUP Performance
Inflatable SUP Performance

Introducing the very latest inflatable SUP technology, creating a stiff and light paddleboard that really performs.

Each of the big brands have their own way of doing things, but the introduction of laminated double layer technology has brought inflatable SUP performance on leaps and bounds. This is the construction offered by Red Paddle Co. A special adhesive is applied directly to the dropstitch and then a PVC layer is laminated on. This construction has created SUPs that are 20-25% lighter and 25-30% stiffer than those using the previous double layer construction methods. With this technology now being commonly used amongst the big brands, it's a great time to buy an inflatable SUP!


Transportation & Storage

Inflatable SUP

Inflatable Paddleboards open up a whole new world of freedom, adventure and exploration. Or if sights are set closer to home, they are dead-easy to take to the lake or beach for a family day out.

This is the big (or small!) selling point... inflatable SUPs pack down into a backpack in minutes. They can be put in the boot of your car, taken on the train or bus or easily checked onto a flight. Within a few minutes they can be pumped up to 20 PSI and you'll be free to explore the coastline or ride some waves. They can be stored in a cupboard and do not take over your garage.

What inflatable SUP boards really do offer is the ability to explore. Take a hike with the board on your back to remote areas of coastline, rivers, lakes or lochs, pump up and take to the water. Freedom of exploration. Beautiful.

Inflatable SUP
Inflatable SUP



In short, these inflatable SUP boards are bombproof. They can be dropped, bashed and even driven over with a digger and be left totally unharmed.

When comparing an inflatable SUP to a hard board, you will no longer chip the paint off the board when you knock it with your paddle or ding it when accidentally knocked into something. Board repairs are a thing of the past! But it's worth remembering that not all inflatable SUPs are equal. The bargain-basement boards that you may see on eBay or in beach shops are cheap for a reason; they can twist and warp in the sun, leak and break. We only stock iSUPs from brands that we know and trust who use cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and materials to make boards that can stand up to everything that is thrown at them. Watch this mad video by Red Paddle Co to see just how durable their iSUPs are!




So we hope that you're convinced that an inflatable SUP is the way to go! Whether you're looking to get a touring board for exploration, a race board for outright speed, a surf-specific shape for shredding the waves or an allrounder to do a bit of everything, we have the inflatable SUP for you in stock and ready to go.

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