Board Construction

All of the Inflatable SUPs that we stock are made to the highest standards. Developments in design and construction methods mean that these inflatables can now seriously rival the performance offered by traditional epoxy boards. Read on for info on the general construction features to look out for, and check out the brand specific pages to learn more about the inflatable SUP boards that you are interested in. Click below to see all of the technical information for each of our inflatable SUP brands...

Key construction points to be aware of:



board length


Longer boards will glide further due to increased water-line length. Shorter boards will turn better


board width


Wider boards will be more stable. Narrower boards may have a higher top-speed and be more manouverable


board thickness


Thinner boards will be lighter-weight, more manoeuvrable and less expensive. Thicker boards will be stiffer


board material


Look for high-quality, high-density drop-stitch material for a good stiff board. Look for multiple layers around the rails for added strength. All inflatable SUPs that we stock use high-end materials

RRD Board Construction
Fanatic Board Construction
 Mistral Board Construction
Starboard Board Construction