Paddle Technique

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If you're thinking of getting a paddleboard then an Inflatable SUP simply must be considered. Developments in design and technology of the latest generation of Inflatable SUPs mean that they now offer a level of performance which the can seriously compete with hard boards. Read on for the low-down on the benefits of Inflatable SUPs.

Set Up & Launching

Paddleing on your knees

Get yourself introduced to your gear. set up for you and ready to get afloat. We then look at the Prone paddling position to get you launched but also to help if you ever get into trouble.


This looks at getting launched and your first stroked on your knees. Here we can introduce the basics of paddle technique and how to turn the board.


Basic Paddleing

Step Back Turn

Up to standing and finding your balance. Here we look at real paddle basics the foundation of everything else to come.


Also known as a pivot turn or buoy turn, this share way of turning round is great in every water environment. Spin the board on the spot with style.


Paddling useing Your Core

Reverse Paddle Turn

Lets start looking at using larger muscle group to power the board along. Once you have the basics we can really start to look at improving efficiency and power within the stroke.


Sometimes known as a cross deck draw, this way of turning round means you don’t need to change sides, if great for control and spinning the board in it’s own board length.


Paddle Slap

Improved Paddling

An introduction to using your paddle like a brace, whether it be a wobbly moment on lake water or building a skill you’ll need for waves, narrower boards and challenging conditions.


Once you have the basics, we can start to build on these techniques. Better paddle placement, power and guiding yourself better in straight line.


Nose 360

A great move to pull many skills together. This flat water move builds use of the paddle as a brace and also starts to improve board trim. A great skill to help push your paddling and prepare you for different kit and more challenging environments.