Anomy SUP

Introducing the stunning range of iSUPs from Anomy, available in the UK exclusively at SUP Inflatables.

Unique SUPs for Unique People

Flying in the face of traditional SUP companies, Anomy SUP team up with world-renowned artists to create original in-your-face graphics for their range of high-quality, performance SUPs.

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Anomy SUP Jonathan Cantero

Jonathan Cantero

10'6 x 32"

An allround inflatable SUP with vibrant graphics by Jonathan Cantero that will always turn heads.

Anomy SUP Maria Diamantes


10'6 x 32"

Mariadiamantes is a graphic design & illustration studio who have created this stunningly playful design for this allround Anomy SUP.

Anomy SUP Amaia Arrazola

Amaia Arrazola

10'6 x 32"

Graphics by the incredible Amaia Arrazola, on an all-round Inflatable SUP that will have you smiling every time you take to the water.

Anomy SUP Chamo San

Chamo San

10'6 x 32"

Simply stunning artwork by the famous fine artist, Chamo San. As well as looking awesome, this quality inflatable SUP really performs.

Anomy SUP Miki Monttlo

Miki Montllo

9'8 x 31" AND 10'6 x 32"

Available in a choice of sizes to suit different paddlers, this Anomy SUP by Miki Montllo is all about passion, not fashion.

Anomy SUP Hey Studio

Hey Studio

12'6 x 31"

This limited edition graphic was designed by Barcelona graphic design studio, Hey. Clean lines for a clean mind. The perfect touring SUP.

Anomy SUP Ricardo Cavolo

Josan Gonzalez

10'6 x 32"

SUP into the future with Josan Gonzalez and Anomy SUP. A shape to suit most paddlers, with limited edition graphics.


The Anomy Archives

The graphics on each Anomy paddleboard are only available for one year. They then become part of Anomy folklore, forever in the hands of the lucky few who paddle them.

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Not just good lookin'.
Everything Anomy is top notch.

Anomy SUP Bag

Wheeled travel bag

The Anomy Travel Bag is included with every Anomy SUP. It makes transporting your iSUP easy, with padded straps, wheels and a durable construction.

Anomy SUP Fin

FCSII Fin System

All Anomy SUPs feature the awesome FCSII fin system, and include an FCSII Fin. Attach and detach your fin easily, and even swap for your own FCSII fin if preferred.

Anomy SUP

Built for adventure

Superior dropstitch, double layer construction and the best materials combine to make Anomy SUPs stiff and durable. This is the true pairing of style and function.

Anomy SUP Tech

Anomy SUP Construction

As well as looking great, Anomy SUP boards meet the highest worldwide standards of quality and innovation. Super reinforced dropstitch can withstand high pressures (up to 21psi) and the Anomy Fresco technology is a pre-laminated double layer that reinforces the core and creates greater rigidity. Double layer sidewalls make the SUP super-durable. The SUP also features a comfortable deckpad and carry handle. With the digital printing and UV coating technology the graphics will stay in great condition even after being exposed to the elements.