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Red Paddle Co have gone and done it again. Since day one, when paddleboarding was an emerging sport, Red Paddle Co have been at the forefront of design and construction. Their tireless ambition to create inflatable paddleboards that perform like hard-boards takes yet another leap forward for 2021, with some truly awesome innovations. Read on to see what's new from Red paddle Co 2021.

The V-Shaped Hull

Red Paddle Co Voyager 2021

Minds blown!

The Red Paddle Co V-Shaped Hull is an innovation that we never thought we'd see on an inflatable paddleboard. With superior dropstitch fabric and some technical wizardry the Red Paddle Co Explorer features a v-shape in the hull, just like a hard board. This, along with the new twin-fins creates a remarkable paddling experience. Utter touring ease and performance. We are truly astonished and this game-changing board needs to be paddled to be believed. We highly recommend the Red Paddle Co Explorer boards for 2021.

The Speed Tail

Red Paddle Co 2021 Speed Tail

Fast just got Faster

For 2021, the Red Paddle Co Sport range of inflatable paddleboards features the amazing new 'Speed Tail'. By influencing the water flow, the on-water paddling speed of the Sport is increased. Other great updates include a wider deck-pad to aid balance, single cargo straps for improved storage of your padding kit on the board, and the RSS stiffening battens are made from recycled material and are easier to fit. Nicely done Red Paddle Co, nicely done.

The Best 10'6 Ride Yet

Red Paddle Co 10'6 Ride 2021

Improvements to the classic

The Red Paddle Co 10'6 Ride is the board that started it all, the true all-rounder, the board that all of the other brands big and small try to copy. For 2021, Red Paddle Co have made some improvements to set them apart from the rest once again. The new twin-fin system features two molded, longer fins than then previous three-fin models. This creates a straighter and faster paddling board, plus is easier to roll up and pack down into the bag. The new triple flat bungee system is a great improvement for stowing a dry bag securely on the deck. Lovely stuff.

We Also Love...

Red Paddle Co Titan Pump
The New Titan Pump
The 2021 Titan Pump is a beast. The double chamber has been rotated for more stability, and the base and handles fold for easier packing in the board bag. This is the fastest way to pump up a paddleboard.
Red Paddle Co Warranty
5 Year Warranty
Having tested their boards through various creative methods like dropping them from buildings and driving over them with a JCB, Red are sure you won't have any durability issues. But, if you did, you're covered by the 5 Year Warranty. Now that's peace of mind.
Red Paddle Co Environmental
Environmental Mission
The Red Paddle Co board production facility is now 100% waste-free and the cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable. The design team are constantly coming up with innovative ways of being eco-friendly through reducing waste and use of adhesives and dyes.

Our Favourites from the Range

Red Paddle Co Ride 2021

10'6 Ride

The world's best allround inflatable paddleboard, even better for 2021.

Package Price: £899

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Red Paddle Co Sport 2021

11'0 Sport

Extra fast with the new Speed Tail, this is an allrounder that really shifts.

Package Price: £1049

View Board
Red Paddle Co Voyager 2021

12'6 Voyager

With the incredible new V Shaped Hull, this touring board is utterly remarkable and a dream to paddle.

Package Price: £1199

View Board
Red Paddle Co Windsurf 2021

10'7 Windsurf

Premium Red Paddle Co quality comes into it's own when adding a WindSUP sail. The ultimate toy.

Package Price: £1199

View Board

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