Sunova Paddle Board Range TR3

- The Sunova Paddleboard Range -


Sunova Acid Paddleboards
The ACID is the about performance all the way. NO compromises! Any move you do on a standard surfboard do them with this board. The outline fits in more powerful waves, with lots of tail rocker and supported by the hip in the tail.

Speed, power, and all movability you need. Rule the powerful wave with this board.

Flash | a James Casey pro-Model

Sunova Flash a James Casey pro-Model Paddleboard
The FLASH is a co-operative creation between legendary shaper Bert Burger and and young ripper James 'Jimmy' Casey.. Jimmy wanted a high performance machine that would sit between the FLOW and ACID.. Something that surfed tight in the pocket, better than the FLOW, but could still handle fatter sections better than the ACID, while still having amazing surfability in the widest range of conditions..

The FLASH really is the best of both worlds!!


Sunova Flow Paddleboard TR3
The FLOW is our most performance shapes for any conditions. Based on one of Bert’s and Chapstar’s most successful surfboard designs and tweaked for SUPs you will think and it will go there.

It’s the most versatile surf shape we got and if you want power surfing this is the weapon for you.


Sunova Speed Paddle Board TR3
The SPEEED is really almost like 2 separate boards. With its super straight outline it’s made to fly. It picks up speed incredibly easy. But the tail is radically narrow and basically allows the rider to throw the board around on pure thought! It’s amazing how this is even possible.

One of the most versatile shapes in our range and in general...

Creek | a Legend board

Sunova Creek a Legend board TR3
The CREEK received its name from our good friend Mr. Rick Weeks aka SUPTHECREEK. Over the last 4 years Rick has become somewhat of our master tester and approver of our SUP surf SUP range. With his intensive knowledge of all other SUPs on the market and his never affected time for constant 10 hours testing days this judgement is very much appreciated to us.

Over the last years he really understood better than almost anyone including ourselves our range and what each board really does and where it belongs. So it was only a matter of time before Rick asked Bert.

How would it be if I wanted: The outline of the SKATE, the performance of the FLOW, the rocker of the ACID, and most important the tail of the SPEEED.

Well... A lot of people asked that same question. And this is the result ...


Sunova Shroom Paddle Board TR3
The SHROOM is designed to handle mushy and average waves and allows you to go out, get wet and still have fun surfing. It’s crazy shape allows you to go as short as possible, while being super stable and comfortable to ride.

Maximum fun when there normally would be none.


Sunova Skate Paddle Board
The SKATE stands for fun all the way. If there are no waves or big ones this board goes and it goes fast and easy. It’s super stable and incredibly easy to turn. You will be amazed how it just happens.

If you want to have fun and you are not sure of the waves, this board is the board. Just a classic fish - style board.


Sunova Steeze Paddle Board TR3
The STEEZE is the ultimate all-rounder in performance board.

A traditional outline that maintains width and volume, increasing stability without sacrificing performance. This is your classic compact performance all-rounder. You go-anywhere, all-round quiver killer.

Combine a full nose-riding nose with a traditional outline for manoeuvrability and stability.

Refined performance rocker that maintains paddling speed but lets loose when required.


Sunova Style Paddle Board
The STYLE is designed for the ultimate longboard styling performance without any compromises. Its amazingly refined shaped will allow you to nose ride, walk the board and turn it well. With the straight outline and thin rails it gives you what you need to look stylish.

In one word: Longboarding...


Sunova Search Paddle Board TR3
The SEARCH is a special design, combining several different areas in one. The board has a pretty classic surf shape with a nice round outline, a lot of rocker, nice and thin rails, nose and tail.

Due to its length it also works really well in flat water as touring board, or as pure fun board due to its excellent stability. Weather you want to take your kids to play, or ride 6ft swell, do 20km downwind rides, or just simply flatwater paddle in a lake, this board is as versatile as it gets.

Search for the fun. It's built in..


Sunova Kruze Paddle Board
THE KRUZE is one of the most all-round boards we have. Touring in flat water or play with your family, while still being able to surf waves. With a flatter rocker than the surf boards, it will be faster and easier to paddle without surf. The outline and the shape still allows good surfing.

Flatwater Faast Pro

Sunova Flatwater Faast Pro TR3
The FLATWATER FAAST PRO is the ultimate proof of what technology can do. Possibly the lightest, definitely one of the strongest and toughest constructions available in the water. Double vacuum, full wrapped balsa sandwich, and an amazingly fast shape, that’s as stable as can be.

If you are looking for an extremely faast flatwater board with maximum glide and stability this is the one for you. You will be able to go less wide than what you thought

Not fast, FAAST!

Allround Faast Pro

Sunova Allround Faast Pro TR3
The ALLROUND FAAST PRO is what its name says!!! A race board designed for any possible conditions to give you an edge when it's all happening. Rough ocean, downwind, flatwater, races, training, fun, app, eurotour... This board has a flat deck design.

With a rough water focus in design the board works well upwind and crosswind also. When you want one board that does it all, its this FAAST.

Allwater Faast Pro

Sunova Allwater Faast Pro TR3
The ALLWATER FAAST PRO was designed for the Carolina Cup for Kelly Margetts to compete. A race that starts in the ocean but then is a grind in the flat before returning to the ocean and you never know what the ocean will be like on the day. We tested it for months in everything and it failed to disappoint.

Requirements when designing was that it had to be stable for long distance, easy to ride bumps and control in general ocean conditions but also be competitive in the flat.

Perfect for downwind, rougher conditions, still flatwater.


Sunova Torpedo TR3
The TORPEDO was designed for the customer who like that surfboardy, flatdeck type of downwind board. A board that pure fun and easy to use. It will perform best in downwind and just go and catch some waves and surf it. As far as a pure bop/tech style board goes you be better to go for the all rounder mainly due to a wider tail for kick turns.

Still has quite good flatwater speed for a board of this design. If you looking for a fun race board to surf, downwind, flatwater and even tech race if you can handle the thinner tail in kick turns then this is your board.

Ocean Faast Pro

Sunova Ocean Faast Pro TR3
The OCEAN FAAST PRO is a race board designed for rough ocean conditions. With a downwind focus in design the board works well upwind and crosswind also.

Great board for those who are lucky enough to live in an area where the wind blows a lot. WA, MAUI, NEW CALEDONIA etc. Or a board to add to the quiver if you want the perfect board for all conditions.

Unlimited Faast Pro

Sunova Unlimited Faast Pro TR3
The UNLIMITED FAAST PRO is Marcus' favourite board to paddle. Originally he designed this board specifically for the M2O. He wanted a board that was going to perform in the best or worst conditions the channel could throw at it on the day. The result was mind blowing. It worked so well in epic downwind runs or just grinding through a flat ocean.

Since James Casey has had this board in Hawaii he has used it for every unlimited race he has entered. Already it is collecting some serious trophies to its name: James and Annabel Anderson took 1st Place at the OluKai 2017 on it. As well as a double win at the Maui to Molokai Challenge 2017 including Marcus' 2nd place.

Finally an unlimited board you can be equally competitive in smoking downwind or a grind.

Downwind Foilboard

Sunova Downwind Foilboard
The DOWNWIND FOILBOARD is and obvious step in the right direction, designed by Marcus Tardrew, so it definitely has a race influence.. Fly downwind like never before.

SUP Surf Foilboard

Sunova SUP Surf Foilboard
The all new Sunova surf foil

- How To Order Your Sunova Paddleboard -

Sunova do a large ranges of Paddleboards, Foilboards, Kiteboards and even Windsurfing boards, The range is vast, we do hold a small selection of the most popular boards, but our aim is to get the perfect board for you, not just the one that we have in stock...

With this in mind, check out the Sunova website below for full details on the brave boards, have a browse and then give us a email or call to discuss your new board and we can then give you an estimated time of delivery.

Boards can be delivered as quick as 7 days as we can not only order your board direct from the factory but also pull stock from Europe, Factory order delivery times depend on when the next container is due to leave and arrive in the UK, approximately time 6 to 18 weeks

- Sunova Paddleboard Prices -

The price you see on the Sunova website in Euros will be converted to UK Pounds and that will be the price you pay, unless you have any custom requirements which will be added on at a later date