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Prolimit Nordic Dry SUP Suit

Prolimit Nordic Dry SUP Suit

Prolimit Nordic Dry SUP Suit 

Lightweight and breathable waterproof Dry SUP suit

Lightweight and breathable waterproof suit, easy entry flexible waterproof front zip. Ideal for the cold days on your SUP, without wearing a restricting wetsuit. Tailored fit, keeps you warm, freedom of movement.

The Prolimit Nordic SUPsuit is a great lightweight dry suit that would suit many paddleboarders. We particularly like the comfy adjustable neck, which although not 100% waterproof is well suited to SUP where splashes are more likely than full submersion. Whether you’re planning a leisurely lap of the lake or a longer micro adventure this suit will certainly do a good job at keeping you dry and warm, giving you the confidence to paddle even when the waters cold. With the correct base layers the Nordic SUPsuit is a handy item of clothing to have, allowing you to paddle in comfort all year round. Deciding exactly what to wear underneath your Nordic SUPsuit is probably the hardest decision! 

Tested by The SUPBoarder team, They did such a great job reviewing this suit that the team at SUP Inflatables didnt have anything to add... 

So here is what SUPboarder have to say about this great dry SUP suit...

The Nordic SUPsuit is Prolimit’s lightweight drysuit. It is designed to be worn over your base layers, to help keep you dry and warm. Made from breathable, waterproof, 4 layer microfibre material, with dry ankle and wrist seals, a waterproof zip and adjustable neck, there’s a lot to this lightweight suit. But it’s worth noting that the Nordic SUPsuit does not have a dry neck seal and is therefore not designed to be a 100% waterproof dry suit. If that’s what you’re after then look at the other drysuits in the Prolimit range.

Off the water… The Nordic SUPsuit is made from quality materials. Despite being lightweight it is very durable and can certainly withstand an active life on and off the water. The 4 layer microfibre fabric is very supple and feels comfortable even against bare skin.

The long front waterproof zip is robust and provides a large opening and easy access in/out of the suit even when wearing multiple layers underneath. The stretchy neoprene neck is very comfy and does not feel restrictive in anyway, unlike how a more traditional drysuit with rubber latex neck seal possibly would. The simple velcro neck fastening makes it quick and easy to loosen and provides a nice choice between having an open or more sealed neck. The ankles and wrists have stretchy neoprene cuffs with single lined neoprene seals, designed to keep the water out. And the adjustable velcro fastenings allow for the arm/leg length to be adjusted and a good overall fit. Folding the single neoprene cuffs back as recommended makes it very easy to get in/out of the suit even with wet hands. The SUPsuit is a generous fit, however doesn’t feel bulky to wear thanks to the lightweight material, tailored fit, elasticated waist, and wrist/ankle fasteners. The tester comfortably wore the SUPsuit driving, when loading the van and prepping kit. If anything the sizes come up quite long in length but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing (unless you’re particularly short!) as it makes bending and general moving around unrestricted. Just make sure you’ve had a pee before you zip yourself in!

On the water… Wading into the water to launch the ankle seals do a great job at keeping the water out, keeping your legs dry and warm. And the dry wrist seals prevent any water running down your arms into your suit when paddling. The generous fit and good overall cut of the SUPsuit makes climbing on and off the board, general paddling and tasks such as adjusting a leash or kneeling to access a deck bag, easy and unrestricted. With the right clothes underneath, the breathable fabric helps prevent you getting hot and sweaty. And the choice of opening the velcro neck, allowing extra air flow is a nice option to have when paddling hard. The suits waterproof fabric does an excellent job at keeping you dry from paddle splashes, the rain etc.. when on the board. And when in the water the drysuit does a great job at keeping the water out. After falling in, treading water for a minute and then climbing back on there was no evidence of water leaking through the material or zip. And the tight fitting ankle and wrist seals prevented any water coming inside the suit. As expected some water entered around the neck area but this was minimal and it was only the neck of the testers t-shirt that was slightly wet. Obviously after a prolonged time in the water especially if the neck velcro is not securely fastened then a more water would enter the suit. But when fastened, after a quick immersion the SUPsuit did an excellent job at keeping the tester 99% dry allowing them to stay warm and to continue paddling.

After rinsing with fresh water and hanging in the fresh air the SUPsuit dried quickly. We are unable to comment on the longterm wear and tear of the suit having only had it on test for  afew months, however if looked after well we see no reason why this SUPsuit shouldn’t continue keeping you dry and warm for many seasons to come.

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Material Windproof
Fit / Size Unisex
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