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Anomy Paddle Board Review


Anomy SUP is a premium paddle board brand from Barcelona with an original approach to design. A great amount of attention has gone into the design and construction of this board. It’s apparent that every detail has been carefully considered as you unfurl the board from the generously sized rucksack (complete with ‘all terrain’ wheels and zip fobs for numb fingers) to reveal the quirky Jarom Vogel graphics (a diverse range of artists have contributed to the graphics across the Anomy range). Overall this the Anomy 10’6 forms a slick package that is a pleasure to unbox, set up and of course paddle.

To start with the rucksack (made from cycled plastic bottles) puts you in a good mood as it’s clearly big enough to replace the board into without advanced origami skills. Inside, your glass fibre / nylon paddle, pump, board and FCSII fin and leash are waiting. On the board’s deck you’ve got centre and tail carry handles, cargo bungee up front, leash mount, a very comfortable deck pad and those talking-point graphics. Underneath there’s a tow point up front (always good to see), two fixed side fins and a decent 8” FCSII centre fin (a delight to see). This board also comes with a two year warranty.

‘Take one step after the other until your tracks are erased and you find yourself surrounded by nature. Reunite with the colours. Recover the vibrant. Reconcile with the sounds. Rediscover the simple and authentic. And become an explorer of the outdoors until you forget that there was once an indoor.’ But beyond the inspirational creativeness off this brand, Anomy SUP is for those that like to stand out from the crowd at the same time strive to own something that is designed to perfection and truly beautiful.  Anomy SUP board are limited edition and are from some pretty amazing artists (who you can follow on insta).  Alongside this, the premium quality 4.75” drop stitch of this paddle board feels great too!

Starting with the obvious: the ‘Swiss-backpacker in a jungle’ design is the first thing that draws the eye, echoing the brand’s ‘My own way’ philosophy, and we think it reflects the spirit of
exploration in paddleboarding rather nicely. This Anomy is a very pleasing board to use. It feels composed on the water and has good structural integrity from 15 psi upwards. The deep, rigid FCSII fin gives great tracking for a 10’6 and along with the comfy deck-grip makes this board a nice place to spend a few hours on. The construction is plenty tough and rigid enough for coastal and inland use and would make a great companion for paddlers looking to commit to a journey into the sport.

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