The Ultimate Summer & Winter SUP Wear Wishlist!

SUP Wear Wishlist


SUP is the ultimate chill out sport! It's all about hanging down at the beach or on a lake with your mates or family and having a great time, lots of laughs and making memories.

The team at SUP inflatables do like to look good whilst we are on our boards! Paddling in your favourite bikini and board shorts is great, but in the UK let's face it, it's not often warm enough for this! Plus there's some great looking SUP wear out there. So here it is - Some of our favourite SUP clothes, all together, in the SUP Inflatables Summer & Winter SUP Wear Wishlist.


Summer SUP Wear Wishlist


Summer SUP Wear should be all about keeping warm (but not too warm) and looking GREAT! Here is our wishlist of the best summer sup wear items to make the perfect outfit for a great time on the water.


SUP Jacket

The Jacket

For the not-so warm summer UK weather days - a pack away jacket, perfect for tying round your waist or stuffing in a dry bag, with you just in case it gets a bit nippy! It's a unisex design with windbreak technology so great for any other sport too from walking to mountain biking!


The Top

I love the summer colours of these gorgeous women’s tops. They come in long sleeve, short sleeve and tank top cuts and have UV protection and quick dry tech! I use the long sleeved top in winter with a jacket over the top and the tank top at the gym. We have also come across some pretty amazing, statement making, women’s SUP kit. If your intention is to turn a few heads whilst you're paddling look no further than the Mystic Diva black series. The mens tops are a great all round top, designed with SUP in mind but we use them mountain biking and running too! They have quick dry technology, are amazingly comfortable thanks to stretch fabric that's been specifically designed for SUP, and flat lock seams for great paddling performanace.

SUP Leggings

The Legging

Not quite bikini or shorts weather or want the sun protection? These are gorgeous. Very comfy and designed specifically with paddleboarding in mind, so the stretch is in all the right places and they don’t slip down whilst you're paddling. These leggings have UV protection and quick dry tech just in case you go in! The best bit? They match with the tops!!!

SUP Shoes

The SUP Shoes

We love these neoprene sneakers from O’Neill and we love them for many reasons. They are non slip, super comfy and great for walking over rocks without hurting your feet. We also love them for their style and their ability to go from SUP to Apres SUP in one easy step right in to your nearest bar or cafe.


Back on the beach

We have the ultimate keep warm and changing solution in DryRobe; Aawaterproof coat designed to be big enough to get changed in. With the Dry Robe’s help all calamities attached to tying a towel round you whilst changing on the beach have ended!


Winter SUP Wear Wishlist


Here we have some of our favourite bits of SUP wear for paddling in the colder months, chosen with warmth and looking great in mind. It's so important to be prepared for the conditions over the winter, as if you were to fall in you must be wearing the right kit to keep you warm and safe. In certain situations, a full winter-weight wetsuit may be recommended. Take a look at our What to Wear Paddleboarding article for more information, and feel free to Get in Touch if you have any questions about what you should wear based on the conditions.


SUP Jacket

The Jacket

We have picked this Mystic Neoprene watersports jacket. We love this SUP jacket because it's warm and allows lots of movement in the arms. You can unzip it easily if the sun comes out or you decide to race your mate and have got a bit hot. It is quite a big jacket, you can tie it round your waist but we prefer to put it in a dry bag when not wearing it for ultra SUP comfort. The jacket comes in 2 colours, both both of which look great on men and women and look great with the tops and leggings we have picked out!


The Top

We have picked these SUP tops from Mystic out as the ultimate UV protection for those who are sun damage aware. They are also quick drying for those of us who are still falling in and the long sleeves and a thicker material make them great SUP tops to keep warm on a winter paddle.

SUP Leggings

The Legging

A 3mm neoprene legging to keep your legs warm but not too hot. We call Paddleboarding ‘walking on water’ and as such, we need the protection for those times we are in the water but most of the time all is good and we need cold weather protection rather than cold water protection. These leggings are great and will do both happily.

SUP Longjohn

The LongJohn

A 3mm neoprene LongJohn to keep your legs and torso warm but not too hot when paddling. These are amazing for colder days, keeping your body warm whilst still giving you full arm movement with added sex appeal :-) There’s a Jacket to match for added sass!

SUP boots

The Boots

You won't have cold feet with these on!  7mm Neoprene wetsuit boots... our best friend in winter. They are non-slip and our feet have never got wet in these. Great for walking your board in on slippy rocky areas and perfect for winter paddling as your feet keep nice and dry and warm on the board which means you can stay out there for longer having lots more fun.

SUP Gloves

The Gloves

If you have issues with cold hands or like to go paddling when its really cold, these babies will keep your fingers happy! Nice and warm but thin enough that you have full control of your paddle.


The Hat

As we all know, loads oh your body heat is lost through the head, so wearing a neoprene hood or hat can really help you to keep warm on the colder days. We love this neoprene beanie for a hat with some style.


SUP Accessories Wishlist


SUP Dry Bag

The Dry Bag

These dry bags by Overboard are a go-to accessory for all paddleboarders. Chuck everything in and strap to the front of your board, great for packed lunch, phone, car keys and warm clothes. Plus they come in a great range of colours.

SUP Water Bottle

The Water Bottle

Need a drink and don't fancy salt water? This flatpack, tidy away, BPA-free water bottle is the ultimate clip on thirst rescuer. It's also eco-friendly so you wont be adding to the plastic issue in our lovely seas.

SUP Speaker

The Music

And the ultimate accessory; music whilst you paddle! We have a couple of favourites depending on your budget, mine's this clip-on waterproof speaker as it's great value and the music sounds great!


So there we have it, the ultimate SUP Wear Wishlist for all times of year, no matter where you're paddling. Our great range of SUP Wear is available to order with fast and free UK shipping on all orders over £30. If you'd like any advice on SUP wear, feel free to call on 07545 882606, email or hit the 'Ask a Question' button in the bottom-right of your screen.