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  1. SUP Wear Wishlist

    The Ultimate Summer & Winter SUP Wear Wishlist!

    SUP Wear Wishlist


    SUP is the ultimate chill out sport! It's all about hanging down at the beach or on a lake with your mates or family and having a great time, lots of laughs and making memories.

    The team at SUP inflatables do like to look good whilst we are on our boards! Paddling in your favourite bikini and board shorts is great, but in the UK let's face it, it's not often warm enough for this! Plus there's some great looking SUP wear out there. So here it is - Some of our favourite SUP clothes, all together, in the SUP Inflatables Summer & Winter SUP Wear Wishlist.

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  2. Allround Inflatable SUP Board Review

    Allround Inflatable SUP Board Review

    Allround Inflatable SUP Board Review

    First a little bit of education on board thickness and why its important - what 4”, 4.75" and 6” actually mean to your paddling experience

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  3. Why Gladiator SUP

    SUP Inflatables bring Gladiator SUP to the UK!


    This page is ranking on Google very well but a lot has changed since then, the brand is now stronger, more colourful, 2 construction options and the now FROM £369.00
    To see the lastest Brand infomation read this > Gladiator Paddle Boards the Brand
    The latest range of Lite and Elite boards > 2019 Gladiator Elite and Lite SUPs
    Review of the Elite 10'6 by SUP International > Read the Gladiator 10'6 Elite Review
    Or check out the brands own page >

    Gladiator SUP

    At SUP Inflatables we get lots of emails from brands and companies in China wanting to sell us their Inflatable SUPs. It would have been very easy for us to jump on the bandwagon and imported a cheap SUP under our name or a made up one that sounds cool, but that was a BIG no no, mainly due to our reputation, our parent company has been in watersports since the early 1980’s and SUP Inflatables is now in its 8 year.
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